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Harney & Sons - Master Tea Blenders

It’s been nearly four decades since John Harney developed a passion for fine teas. John began his journey in mastering the art of tea blending in his basement. The proprietor of an inn at the time, John served his distinctive blends to his guests; the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, the Harney family carries the torch passed to them by the founder of their family business. With a bottling plant, warehouse, two stores and a thriving international e-commerce business, John’s passion lives on in his family.

Our company has been distributing Harney's Fine Teas for 20 years because we can guarantee Harney's quality and we know you will experience unique refined flavours, beautifully blended, every time.

Harney & Sons offers over 300 varieties of the highest quality teas, sourced from the finest tea regions around the world. We carry a selection of favourites that we know will always excite your pallet.  No matter which tea you choose, expertise and commitment to quality are brewed into each cup.


We are proud to carry Fair Trade Certified™ teas, supporting fair trade practices around the world that promote sustainable livelihoods, safe working conditions, protection of the environment and strong, transparent supply chains. In addition, we have partnered for over 10 years with 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of our sales to environmental organizations across the globe. Thank you for helping us support these efforts.